AT159 High Quality 50mm x 50m Tape Matt

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Suitable for external applications, this matt cloth tape offers high resistance against abrasion, water and adverse weather. AT159 can withstand the elements, so it adheres and conforms perfectly to smooth and rough surfaces over a wide temperature range from -50°C to +80°C.
The tape can be customised in a specific colour through our Advance Rapid Colour (ARC) service which is ideal for end users that need to match a particular colour such as company corporate colours, exhibitions, renovation work, shops and hotels.
Product Type Cloth
Adhesive Type     Solvent free rubber - resin
Thickness     0.28 mm
Breaking Load     46 N/cm
Elongation     16%
Adhesion to Steel 4.0 N/cm
Adhesion to Self   2.4 N/cm
Service Temperature-50°C to +80°C

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