EGOPLAST FK 310ml Foil adhesive Sealing

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1 l = 23.29 €

EGOPLAST FK 310ml Foil adhesive Bonding Sealing Vapour barriers Vapour barriers DIN 4108-7
Bonding and sealing of diffusion-open and/or vapour-tight films and non-wovens made of PP, PE, PVC, EPDM or mixed knits on substrates such as concrete, wood, wood fibre boards, metal, plaster, gypsum plasterboard, etc. Particularly suitable for the airtight bonding and fixing of window connection foils and for the bonding of underlay sheets in the roof area. EGOPLAST FK is characterised by its particularly good adhesion to old bitumen (solvent-free bitumen membranes).

Adhesive for connecting foils
is a solvent-free, ready-to-use, permanently plastic, low odour, moisture-resistant, thixotropic adhesive/sealant with high Initial adhesive strength and additional gap filling/sealing properties. EGOPLAST FK forms an airtight, windproof and rainproof adhesive/sealing film in accordance with the tightness requirements of EnEV 2014 and DIN 4108-7. 

Colour Adhesive yellow-orange
Material based copolymer based on acrylic acid esters with
Density approx. 1.0 g/cm3 DIN EN ISO 10563
Working temperature from +5 °C to +40 °C
Temperature resistance -30°C to +80°C
Viscosity pasty thixotropic consistency DIN EN ISO 7390
Skin formation from approx. 30 min. slowly beginning, immediately self-adhesive
Drying time from 1 to 7 days, depending on absorbency,
Temperature and material quantity
Consumption approx. 30 to 40 g / running metre, depending on track size


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