2K Epoxy resin Adhesive 50ml Cartridge

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100 ml = 37.80 €

EGOPOXID 2000 2K- -Epoxy resin Fast adhesive 50ml Cartridge for metal Concrete Ceramic Glass Hard plastic
Double cartridge 50 ml for 2-k glue gun in transparent or black colour 
EGOPOXID 2000 Rapid is a transparent or black, two-component, fast adhesive in double cartridges that hardens after application - even at temperatures up to +5 °C without shrinking - to a hard, impact-resistant adhesive bond. The fast system for high-strength joints of building materials and for repairs. Suitable for dowelling bronze letters. For combination bonding, fixing and bonding of various building materials such as concrete, cast stone, natural stone, steel, wood, glass, paper, rigid PVC, polystyrene, PC etc.. Mixing ratio 1:1.

Technical data:
Raw material Epoxy resin
Mixing ratio Component A : Component 
                                                       B = 1:1 (volume fractions)
Solids content 100%
Application temperature from +10°C to +40°C
Pot-life approx. 5-10 minutes (20g preparation)
Early strength after approx. 45 minutes
Machining strength after approx. 12 hours
Final strength after approx. 48 hours
Viscosity Component A: approx. 350 Pas
Component B: approx. 650 Pas
Final hardness Shore D: approx. 80
Tensile strength according to ISO-527-2 approx. 13 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity approx. 700 MPa
Elongation at break approx. 5%

application notes
The surfaces must be free of loose parts, load-bearing, dry, clean, free of dust and grease. For cleaning the substrate, we recommend CONLOC Cleaner 902, for example. Generally, a higher adhesive strength is achieved with roughened or milled substrates. Lock the double cartridge in the dispenser (not in the delivery container) and screw the spiral mixer onto the cartridge head. By actuating the trigger, components A + B are pressed into the spiral mixer in the appropriate mixing ratio and mixed. Apply the adhesive with the spiral mixer in a thin bead, drop or film to the adhesive surfaces and join the objects together within the processing time. Full-surface wetting and bonding is achieved when some adhesive emerges from the adhesive joint during joining and pressing. The freshly bonded objects should be informed within the correction time and then left standing or lying still for approx. 1 hour before being transported. When spraying out of the cartridge, discard the first 10 cm; this is the only way to ensure that components A and B are mixed in the correct proportions.

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