15KG EGO SB 11 is a putty for single glazing of timber and metal windows

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1 kg = 4.52 €

EGO SB 11 is a soft plastic glazing putty for single glazing in wooden and metal windows as well as their combinations for groups 1-3 of the "Table for determining the stress groups for glazing of windows (RoTa)"

Technical specifications:
Density approx. 2 g / cm³ DIN EN ISO 10563
Processing temperature + 5 ° C to approx. + 30 ° C
Temperature resistance approx. -30 ° C to approx. + 80 ° C
Texture soft plastic
Properties plastic, volume resistant
Processing by hand and / or with all
EGOFIX putties
Rework with polished putty knife, smooth clean
Aftercare Coating the free putty and the room side
Kittvorlage with a weatherproof color earliest after sufficient
Skin formation, at the latest after 8 weeks.

Please note:
DIN 18361 (glazing work)
DIN 18545 (sealing of glazing with sealants)
DIN 18363 (painting work)

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