PE building protection tape 48mm x 33m white

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PE Frost building protection tape made of polyethylene fabric 48mm x 33m white, frost-resistant and weather-resistant. Blue Dolphin masking tape is used, among other things, for masking wooden elements such as windows and doors and for varnishing joinery components as well as glass, plastic and aluminium.

The adhesive tape also adapts ideally to rough surfaces, such as bricks, stone or plaster, the substrate. High-performance adhesive with very high initial adhesion, waterproof, UV-resistant and removable for up to 30 days. Easy to tear off and roll off by hand.

It is an adhesive tape specially designed for prolonged residence on surfaces and is easy to remove without damaging the substrate, leaving traces of adhesive, resistant to light and UV rays. Clean peeling up to 30 days

For indoor and outdoor use
It adheres exceptionally well to various surfaces
Environmentally friendly, the glue does not contain any solvents

Technical data
Adhesive: Solvent-free, specially modified acrylic-based adhesive
Carrier: LDPE fabric with laminated fabric structure
Thickness: 150my
Adhesion to steel 180° ≥ 14 N / 2.5 cm
Tensile strength 30 N / cm
Temperature range -5 to + 60 ° C

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