TC 60 4 pieces Antislip tape strips 19mm x 50cm black Self-adhesive

TC 60 4 pieces Antislip tape strips 19mm x 50cm black Self-adhesive

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1 m = 2.10 €

Security for normal commercial areas, residential and work areas.
Tough surfaces are the best guarantee for effective accident prevention.
Our anti-slip adhesive tape consists of a PVC adhesive tape with a slip-resistant, abrasion-resistant aluminum oxide grit type 60. The anti-slip adhesive tape is coated with a heat-resistant long-term acrylate adhesive. The adhesive side is covered with a protective paper. It is water-resistant and UV resistant and can therefore be used indoors and outdoors.

Not suitable for barefoot wet areas for wet soils and swimming pools!

The anti-slip tape for all smooth and slippery surfaces e.g. Staircases, ladders, loading lights, exits, etc. It sticks to different surfaces and adapts to irregularities. Rough surfaces such as concrete, rough granite, reduce good adhesion.

Technical specifications:
Slip resistance: corresponds to R13 Rutencklasse
Carrier material: PVC film
Adhesive: acrylate
Core diameter: 76mm
UV resistance: resistant
Temperature resistance: up to 50 ° C

Overall thickness: 1mm
Bonding strength on steel: 24N / cm
Max. Elongation to break: 1.1%
Tearing force: 40N / cm

Press the anti-slip band hard when laying!
For sensitive surfaces a trial bonding should be carried out!
R 13 stands for a very large "coefficient of static friction", up to an angle of inclination of more than 35 °


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